Insurance company ratings explained

Last updated on December 26, 2022

What do insurance company ratings mean?
Insurance company financial strength ratings represent the opinions of rating agencies regarding the ability of an insurance company to pay their obligations under the insurance policies and contracts they have issued, in accordance with their terms.

Why are insurance company ratings important?
Because long term care claims are likely to occur many years in the future, it’s important to select a long term care insurer that will be able to pay when that time comes. This translates into selecting well-capitalized (ample financial reserves) and highly-rated (assessed by ratings agencies to have strong long-term financial outlooks) companies.

Ratings agencies
A.M. Best Company assigns ratings from A++ to S based on a company’s financial strength and ability to meet obligations to contract holders.

Fitch assigns ratings from AAA to C based on a company’s financial strength.

Moody’s Investor Service (Moody’s) assigns ratings from Aaa to C based on a company’s financial security.

Standard & Poor’s assigns ratings from AAA to SD or D based on a company’s financial security.

Sample ratings
Below you can find the ratings chart for Brighthouse Financial, a large provider of hybrid long term care policies. The ratings, taken together with an insurer’s financial information, as disclosed in their 10-K annual filing, allows customers to understand the overall strength & stability of their insurance company.

2021 ratings for Brighthouse Financial

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